Management and Leadership

Effective managers realize that organizational success is based on more than just contribution of individuals. Success is based on the effective Management of “teams” working together to achieve common goals. Knowing how to build, influence and lead teams can increase business performance to exceed goals and objectives. Explore responsibilities, functions and skills required of managers today. Knowledge on hiring, train and lead teams effectively and efficiently. Boost teamwork and morale using proven communication, planning and goal setting strategies. Identify Leadership styles and learn to adjust yours to motivate employees and increase their productivity. Solve problems and analyze differences using practical management tools and techniques.


Development of Management & Leadership skills, confidence and authority may make a real difference in an organization. Leadership is an ability that often it is hard to define. Every manager should adopt the Leadership role by demonstrating a behavior to inspire employees and co-workers. So, there may be managers that should take the step forward and go beyond being good or excellent managers, to become inspirational Leaders within the business. Developing Leadership may be the core requirement to assist the whole company progress to the next level. During this course, you will work through study material that examines different ways of understanding leadership. This includes leadership traits, preferred leadership styles and matching leadership styles to circumstances. Analysis of the different skills and capabilities required of leaders follows, enabling you to identify those you may need to develop to maximize your own leadership potential.


The course includes these main following items:

  • Acknowledging 4 Management functions
  • Difference between a Leader and a Manager: Can you act as a leader while thinking like a manager?
  • Difference between efficiency & effectiveness and their importance for organizational performance
  • Conceptual, Human & Technical skills
  • Management types and the horizontal and vertical difference between them
  • 10 roles that managers perform in organization
  • Leadership skills needed for effective crisis Management
  • Employees and empowering self-motivation
  • The external environment and internal environment
  • Corporate culture & some organizational examples
  • Strategic Management, its purpose and levels
  • Leadership in a changing process
  • From Management to Leadership
  • Transformational versus Transactional Leadership
  • Managing and balancing conflicts


The course is most suitable to managers and executives that want to enhance and improve their leadership skills. Although there are no formal academic requirements to study this course, you are expected to have some experience in the field and the course assumes familiarity with the subject.


Successful delivery of the training requires 24 training contact hours.

Since most of the candidates are working professional, we usually deliver all lectures on Saturday’s. This training model has been proposed in order to allow enough time for participants to study, work in groups and read thoroughly official materials.

Lectures are held from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Course Price Invoice
Management and Leadership 555.00 €

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