Fundamentals of Project Management

In Fundamentals of Project Management training, one will learn the definition of the problem, schedule, and how to avoid the obstacles that remove the project from its rails. You will also find the critical success factors and hidden risks within projects – as well as to be provided with an understanding of the strategies and techniques necessary for successful management of small or medium projects.

Gain practical, hands-on skills needed to maintain and ensure security operational readiness of secure networked systems.


Fundamentals of project management are related to their area of responsibility within the organization. In this training one will learn problem definition techniques, mission, vision, goals and objectives of the project, identify goals directly related to the needs of stakeholders, as to reveal as much as possible by their team project management, and how to use project management tools to complete the job on time.

Training will focus on key elements of management workload, time, cost and quality in a small to medium projects.


The course contains these components:

  • Assist project managers increase the value of organizations achieving business objectives and strategic goals
  • Networking with other professionals of this industry
  • Ability to use project management methodology
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Identify and articulate the requirements of customers
  • Control and monitoring of the project
  • Project Team Leading
  • Effective communication, holding effective meetings and team development and project management
  • Preparation of the Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives of the project
  • Defining the problem
  • Description of the “Statement of Work”
  • Definition of project goals
  • Distinguish between the project life cycle and product life cycle
  • Establishing’s WBS structure which represents all components work
  • Creation of project schedule, calculating the duration, resources and cost


This training is intended for managers of different levels as well as staff members who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully manage small or medium projects.


Successful delivery of the training requires 24 training contact hours. Training duration will be 3 days and will take place on Saturdays.

Since most of the candidates are working professional, we usually deliver all lectures on Saturday’s. This training model has been proposed in order to allow enough time for participants to study, work in groups and read thoroughly official materials.

Lectures are held from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

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Course Price Invoice
Fundamentals of PMP 250.00 €

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