Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is a powerful planning tool used by many project managers and project planners. It provides support for many of the key project control processes including the preparation of schedules, resource plans, cost forecasts and progress reports. However to get the best out of Microsoft Project can require some training. In this course you will learn elements of Microsoft how it can be used to plan and manage the delivery of projects.


Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Create a structured project schedule.
  • Plan project resources and associated cost profiles.
  • Modify a project schedule to accommodate a change.
  • Create project schedule baselines and then use this to track and report progress.
  • Work with multiple projects to identify the total resource demand and resource pool.


The course includes these main following items:

  • Creating a task list
  • Setting up and assigning resources
  • Formatting and printing your plan
  • Tracking progress on tasks
  • Fine-tuning task details
  • Fine-tuning resource and assignment details
  • Fine-tuning a project plan
  • Organizing and formatting project details
  • Publishing project information
  • Sharing project information with other programs
  • Tracking project progress
  • Consolidating projects and resources


This workshop is dedicated to individuals who wish to understand and practice technical method of project management using MS project.


The course is delivered in 12 contact hours of training.

Classes are usually held for 6 days consecutively, usually from Monday to Saturday on two hour sessions.

Course Price Invoice
Microsoft Project Training 198.00 €

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