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Cyber Academy is one of the leading institutions in the SEE region which provides a hands-on program that dives deep into different subjects of technology while presenting a new learning theory – “Learn by Doing” – where the students are more focused on practical knowledge and skill development.

During their studies, Cyber Academy students will have the chance to work with some of the most popular tools and frameworks in the cybersecurity profession today. From reverse engineering real-world malware to building their own exploits, our students are guaranteed to gain the fundamentals necessary to tackle the industry. Cracking passwords, breaking into wireless networks, hacking web applications, writing code, and defending networks are all part of the ‘learn by doing’ pathway that Cyber Academy provides in order to equip its students with the skills and knowledge that benefits the community, business, and nation. To demonstrate their experience in the lab, our students have become prolific contributors to some of the most popular competitive cybersecurity platforms, such as Hack-the-Box!.