Information and Communication Technology Programs


Information and communication is widely observed as a human right as well as a necessity. In today’s economy, ICT plays a key in creating a platform and the tools to access information that lets you spot opportunities, seize them quickly, and convert them into organizational value. IER-Academy focuses on innovation directed at enhancing capacity-building and capability. IER-Academy’s ICT Programs aim to create globally competitive ICT professionals that will transform the industries, hence increasing economic stability in the region. Our ICT programs combine modern e-learning content with regular instructor-led classes that stress practical job related hand-on activities. This intensive, and often pressurized, environment takes place in the best equipped laboratory in the region. Team-and-project-oriented work is encouraged by highly trained and qualified IT instructors. This key matrix of content, lecture, hand-on activities and team work forms the key criteria with which the IER-Academy formulates its IT educational platforms. IER-Academy aims to seek out certified trainings with validity across international borders and regions, so that students can maximize their educational and career self-investment as well as their competitive advantage locally and internationally.

For more info please contact:

Adriano Nuhani
ICT Training Coordinator, IER-Academy

+355 69 757 3353