Sales and Customer Care Training

In this training course we have grouped two courses that we believe tackle the essential need which is the improvement of sales and customer care skills.

Distributors are often judged by the quality of the sales they make. High quality sales are essential for success. This training is designed for people who sell to existing and new clients. Covering every stage of the process, this training will build the skills and confidence necessary to deliver a message of professional sales.

Managing relationships with customers includes customer care and customer experiences. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are directly related to the quality of products, services or sales system that your company builds. In the XXI century to succeed companies are investing in in their most valuable assets employees through training programs for customer service, customer relationship management.

Training in sales and customer care helps you become more efficient in offering your services to your customers and offers many opportunities to succeed. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer.

Customer Care in the strategic context includes all activities directed towards the customer and sales services. The objective is to manage the interaction with the customer in a professional manner and is oriented toward the consumer so that long-term relationship is build and maintained.

In the following offer, you can see the topics that will be lectured in practical terms about sales and customer care. Training is offered as a package or separately. For the prospects who are interested to enroll on both trainings can benefit from package discount.

If you are looking for a partner that will help you improve your sales force, we assure you that AUK Training and Development Institute will meet all your expectations.

Course Price Invoice
Sales and Customer Care 350.00 €

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