Android™ Application Development

The explosive growth of Android™ applications lately has created a boom in demand for developers. Developers are there but how employers can assess their competencies? How can they really know who deserves the opportunity to take the responsibility of their applications? From this perspective, Android ATC determined to design official courses and assessment tests to create an evidence for developers’ competencies and create criteria for employers to assess people. This 30-hours course that provides the required knowledge and skills to design and build a complete Android™ application. It delivers an extensive training on the main Android API components and its interactions. This course is mapped to the AND- 401 exam – Android Application Development.


Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Design and build a complete Android application
  • Debug and maintain Android applications using different tools and plugins
  • Thoroughly understand the life-cycle of an Android application and its main components
  • Use external resources, manifest files, intents and adapters
  • Understand and use all Android persistent storage techniques: Preferences, files, databases, and content providers
  • Use Android’s background processing techniques


The course contains these components:

  • Lesson 1: Hello Android Framework
  • Lesson 2: Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
  • Lesson 3: ListActivity and ListView
  • Lesson 4: Intents and Intent Filters
  • Lesson 5: Custom Views
  • Lesson 6: Dialogs and Toasts
  • Lesson 7: More UI – Options Menu, Context Menu, and WebView
  • Lesson 8: Android Storage: Network, File I/O, and SharedPreferences
  • Lesson 9: Android Storage: SQLite and Content Providers
  • Lesson 10: Android Notifications


For a best learning experience and a quick start with this course, a trainee is required to have adequate knowledge of the content of “Java Fundamentals for Android Development” course. Previous knowledge and experience of any programming language is considered sufficient.


The course is delivered in 30 contact hours of training.
Classes are usually held two times a week on three-hour sessions or one times a week on six-hour sessions.

Associated Certifications

Questions of this exam are based on the content of “Android Application Development” course. To check the course’s outline, kindly visit this link: AND-401 course outline 

To be an Android certified application developer (and to get this certificate and the Android certified application developer ID card), you must pass the Android application development exam. Upon completing this exam with a passing grade, you will receive the “Android Certified Application Developer” certificate by mail with the ID card no later than 4 weeks from the exam date.

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Course Price Invoice
Android™ Application Development 198.00 €

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