Java Fundamentals for Android™

Since the Android software development kit (Android SDK) is built in Java programming language, this mini- course is made up of three lessons on the fundamentals of Java programming. The course will teach you the basics of Java programming language and object oriented programming (OOP) concepts required for the development of Android applications.

Developing applications for Android™ systems requires basic knowledge of Java programming language. This 12-hours introductory course focuses on the fundamentals of Java programming language, its framework, syntax, and paradigm.

The course will focus on object-oriented programming and techniques which are mainly used in Android software development kit (SDK). It will provide the basic tools and skills to ensure a smooth start with Android application development.

This is a crucial course for any non-Java programmer planning to learn the development of Android applications.


Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • The fundamentals of Java Virtual Machine
  • Writing, compiling, and running basic Java applications
  • Using the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Java basic syntax and control statements
  • Java object oriented programming’s basic concepts: classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism… etc
  • Java collections, file input/output, serialization, try/catch/finally …etc
  • Installation and setup of Android SDK, plugins and Android emulator
  • Writing a ‘Hello World’ Android application


The course contains these components:

  • Lesson 1: Java Basics
    • Introduction
    • Java programming language
    • Java Virtual Machine
    • JDK and JRE
    • Setting up your machine for Java programming
    • Hello World in Java
    • Using a text Editor
    • Using an IDE
    • Java Primitive Data Type
    • Naming
    • Arrays
    • Control Flow
    • If/Else and Switch
    • Switch statement
    • While loop
    • For Loop
  • Lesson 2: Object Oriented Programming
    • Introduction
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Objects
    • Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Interface
    • Access Modifiers
    • Constructors
    • Method overriding and overloading
    • Polymorphism
  • Lesson 3: Java Topics
    • Introduction
    • Java Collections
    • Interfaces
    • Implementations
    • Enumerated types
    • Serialization
    • Deserializing


This course is designed for software developers or anyone interested in building Android applications. However, computer programming experience in any language is required before taking this course in order to benefit from it to the most.


The course is delivered in 12 contact hours of training.
Classes are usually held two times a week on three-hour sessions or one times a week on six-hour sessions.

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Java Fundamentals for Android™ 198.00 €

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