Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

The Web Development course has been designed to equip the student with fundamental knowledge and skills in web programming by using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The course acknowledges that the candidate has little or no knowledge with respect to these technologies. The course content has been designed with content that addresses the needs of web application programing in front end, be it for academic purposes or for professional ones.


Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

• Understand the basics of Web Development
• Use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
• Build a fully responsive, interactive website that stands apart from the usual templates.
• Understand how a skillful mix of programming and layout powers the web we see – and how teams collaborate to create it


The course contains these components:

• Overview of Web Application Development
• HTML and content description
• HTML Format
• CSS and Styling
• Programming with JavaScript
• Techniques and Optimization from Clients
• Lab exercises


The course is intended for students with some experience with Java. Exception to this can be programmers who have some real world experience with Object Oriented languages such as C++ or C# because of their similar syntax and structure. The candidate must have moderate understanding and reading skills in English language in order to pursue the course.


The course is delivered in 30 contact hours of training.
Classes are usually held two times a week on three-hour sessions or one times a week on six-hour sessions.

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Course Price Invoice
Web Development – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript 198.00 €

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