CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer

The course covers the universal concepts of computer programming and developer tools, ability to identify code bugs and bottlenecks, the syntax and semantics of the C language, as well as advanced data types offered by the language, advanced libraries, programming of advanced data structures, solving non-trivial problems with the use of data structures and algorithms and designing and writing programs using standard language infrastructure regardless of the hardware or software platform in the C programming.


The Student should have a good knowledge of the C language, including inheritance and operator overloading. The student must complete the C language course at the associate level (CLA) prior to signing up for the CLP course.

Course outline

  • Evolution of C (eg. new C11 keywords, trigraphs and digraphs – see exam objectives).
  • Handling variable number of parameters (<stdarg.h>).
  • Memory and strings (<string.h> et al.).
  • Internationalization I18N.
  • Processes and threads;
  • Floats and ints once again (<math.h>, <fenv.h>, <inttypes.h> et al.);
  • Network sockets – absolute basics.
  • Miscellaneous (eg. portability issues and undefined behaviours, const variables vs. volatile variables – see exam objectives).
Course Price Invoice
CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer 150.00 €

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