IoT Security

The IoT Security course teaches students “White Hat Hacker” skills to perform vulnerability and risk assessment, and research and recommend risk mitigation strategies for common security threats in IoT systems. These skills are highly relevant across IoT and other network architectures in order to discover cyber-security threats before the bad actors do.

Moreover, the new 1.1 version introduces a CTF-like IoT Security Game with 10 challenging missions. Students playing the game reinforce their cybersecurity skills, practice their communication and collaboration skills, and have fun in an end to end real world-like IoT system.


Students seeking a career in the rapidly growing IoT and security domains will learn practical tools for evaluating security vulnerabilities in IoT solutions, perform threat modeling, and use risk management frameworks to recommend threat mitigation measures. These skills are relevant across IoT and other network architectures.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Explain the unique security challenges in different IoT sectors
  • Perform threat modeling activities to evaluate physical security vulnerabilities
  • Perform threat modeling activities to evaluate local access security vulnerabilities
  • Perform threat modeling activities to evaluate remote access security vulnerabilities
  • Use penetration testing tools to identify vulnerabilities in IoT systems
  • Use threat modeling and risk assessment frameworks to recommend threat mitigation measures
  • Explain the impact of emerging technologies on IoT Security


The course contains these components:

  • The IoT Under Attack
  • IoT Systems and Architectures
  • The IoT Physical Device Attack Surface
  • IoT Communication Layer Vulnerabilities
  • IoT Application Security
  • Assessing Vulnerability and Risk in an IoT System


  • IoT Security students assumes students have completed of Connecting Things and have knowledge equivalent of Networking Academy courses: Networking Essentials and Cybersecurity Essentials

Career pathways include: IT/technical support, field service technician, help desk technician, network support technician, and more.


The course is delivered in 50-hour training instructor-led.

Classes are usually held one times a week on three-hour sessions or two times a week on one-hour sessions.


  • Conduct end-to-end threat modeling and evaluate security risks within IoT solutions
  • Discover and demonstrate a vulnerability using real-world penetration testing tools such as Kali Linux
  • Gain hands-on experience with IoT Prototypes using a Raspberry Pi
  • Increase awareness of emerging technologies used in the IoT Security space, such as Blockchain

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Course Price Invoice
IoT Security 150.00 €

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