IoT Hackathon Playbook

In the hackathon, you’ll apply the multidisciplinary skills learned in Connecting Things, IoT Security and Big Data & Analytics to identify and solve a real-world problem.


Student reinforce and deepen their multidisciplinary IoT and data skills by defining, designing, prototyping and presenting an IoT solution to a panel of industry experts and peers.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Inspiration: select and present the problem to be solved
  • Ideation: present the solution to the different experts
  • Prototyping: create prototype action plan including objects and visuals
  • Testing: present the concept and validate prototype
  • Presentation: present the solution to the judging panel and demo the prototypes
  • Inspiration: understand, select and present the problem to be solved to recruit fellow partners
  • Ideation: invent a concept that doesn’t already exist to solve a social issue. Learn how to present the solution to experts who will mentor students
  • Prototyping: create a prototyping action plan, including objects and visuals to illustrate their plan and will help an expert understand the concept and prototyping needs
  • Testing: present the concept and validate the prototype with a second expert, including user experience and enhancements
  • Presentation: present the solution and demo the prototypes to an expert panel.


The course contains these components:

  • Module 0: Facilitator Hackathon Preparation
  • Hackathon Team
  • Event Planing
  • Post Hackathon
  • Psychological Concepts for Better Design
  • Stanford Design School Methods
  • Module 2: Student Hackathon Preparation
  • Pre-Hackathon Information
  • Post Hackathon Activities


  • Connecting Things students should have a basic understanding of how to network devices in a LAN and connect them to the internet; an ability to solve basic algorithmic problems using a programming language; knowledge of basic physics concepts such as current, voltage, resistance, and power; and a familiarity with Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Big Data & Analytics assumes students have completed of Connecting Things and have experience writing and debugging Python code.
  • Hackathon Playbook assumes students have taken Connecting Things, Big Data & Analytics or have a similar background.

Career pathways include: IT/technical support, field service technician, help desk technician, network support technician, and more.


The course is delivered in 20-30-hour training instructor-led.

Classes are usually held one times a week on three-hour sessions or two times a week on one-hour sessions.


Familiar with basic prototyping techniques Fundamental knowledge of Python programming language.

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Course Price Invoice
IoT Big Data and Analytics 150.00 €

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